Been reading a lot about French fashion because they are always so fashionable even when they’re old.  Here’s what I learned. French women don’t dress to attract attention. They wear skinny jeans, a wool coat, boots with walkable heels or flats, a cross body bag, and a scarf. They have timeless pieces which they spruce up with accessories, pearls, and pins. They wear make up but not a lot. Eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick. Hair is usually pulled back and lifted clean off the face, or they wear it long. French ladies never strive for perfection. Keep it clean, fitted, and flirty. These next couple weeks, I’m going to try and do just that. Hope you are having a great weekend!

Wearing: Navy blue Ralph Lauren knit short sleeve, with Seven jeans or Banana Republic Khakis. Louis Vuitton Speedy.  Outfit pics include Ink Twice flats or Coach wedges.